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According to this reckoning, to meet the daily expenditure
jf the forces maintained by the a ma fa-nay'abas viz.,
* Horses                          ...      12,000
Elephants                     ...           ?
Foot-soldiers                .,.    2,00,000
the territories dependent on snch strong forts as 5.davani,
Oevyetidurgam, Gutti, Gandikota, Candragiri, Gurramkondaj
Madduru, Somagiri, Trisirapuram, Kunnatturu and Penu-
konda: such (land and water) strongholds as Nandyala,
Srirangapattanain, Ummatturu, Dalanayakulakota, Vallamkota,
Madhura, Palayamkota and Dindigal; and such forest strong-
holds as Satyavidu, Kottikallu, Dankimkota, and Narayana-
vanam are mortgaged to the (amara-nayakas) who are serving
(Your Majesty). Though they obtained the districts mentioned
in the accounts, they have not been maintaining (the required
number of) elephants, horses, foot-soldiers and attendants
according to the agreement. It is requested that Your Majesty
may be pleased to consider this.
On hearing this, the Raya commanded that the Jcartiikas
should prepare and submit a statement showing in detail how-
many elephants, horses, foot-soldiers, and attendants each
amara-nayaka was required to maintain according to the
registers of the government. Then, seeing that no accounts
pertaining to elephants, horses, and troops maintained by the
government, were submitted, he turned towards Appaji, Ayyama-
rasa and the other (ministers) and said: " "What is your
advice regarding the work which should be transacted in the
mture ?" To this question none excepting Saluva Timmarasa
gave an answer. He hesitated a little, and said ambiguously:
u We ahall conduct (the affairs of state) according to the
wishes of Your Majesty." The Raya (was vexed); and he
reflected: " They have only made me (their) agent to bear the
burden of the kingdom. That is all. (The af&irs) of the
whole world are carried on by the counsellors ; who heeds our
srords? If we act independently in exercising our authority,
* The nttaUr of elephftats is not given.   But see pp, 132 *nd 150.